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Synthetic Turf

Our lead-free synthetic turf products are safe for both humans and animals and are ideal for residential and commercial landscapes, playgrounds and sports fiels.
No Mowing  •  No Watering  •  No Spraying

GV Lush

Combining soft-to-touch feel with superior performance, GV Lush is the product of choice for owners who want the best in realistic synthetic turf.


GV Prestige

An industry-leading synthetic turf product that offers impactful visuals, a responsive tactile feel, and reliable durability.


GV Natural

Provides the look of real grass with all the benefits of synthetic turf. Its beauty and reliability make it a favorite of homeowners and contractors alike.


GV Lawn

Providing an economical answer to your landscape needs, this durable synthetic turf is a great entry-level choice for your next project.


GV Pet

Precision engineered for optimal pet use, its fast-acting draining system features a clear coating design that allows liquids to seamlessly exit.


GV Putt

Specifically designed with golf lovers in mind. We've precision engineered this special synthetic turf product to provide the absolute best putting experience.

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